Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant, I started to think about how to best transition Axel to being a big brother. I knew that I wanted to reuse his crib for the new baby, which meant that he needed to be in a big boy bed... soon! We already had a full-sized bed for a guest room, so I figured that there was no reason to spend money on anything new. We just swapped out the guest room furniture and the nursery furniture, and BAM! Big boy room. 
 All photos by Matt McElligott

 I worked on a Pinterest board for a while before I purchased anything to make sure I knew exactly what I wanted. I'm so happy with the result, and Axel loves his room!

A lot of the sources are still the same from Axel's nursery, but here are the new ones:

▼ Duvet- IKEA
▼ Sheets- Target
▼ Yellow Pillow- Target
▼ Red Striped blanket- Target
▼ Nightstand- IKEA
▼ Lamp- IKEA
▼ Nightlight- Target
▼ Chair- IKEA


  1. Such an awesome space. Lots of good natural light too :)

  2. I would totally live in that room.