Monday, April 30, 2012


Eight months?! Not. Real.
Axel becomes more and more fun by the day. He recently decided that he actually does enjoy being taken care of by other people (phew!), and that he wants to be a bottomless pit. He eats. And eats. And eats. My mom took care of him for a few days last week and was stunned by the amount of food he eats.
We went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago and an older lady came up to us to talk to Axel. She asked how old he was.

Seven months.

Seven months? Are you sure?!

That happened again about 30 minutes later.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I know this is a few days late. Axel actually turned seven months on Friday, but we weren't home. Then I planned on taking them yesterday, but you might have heard of the many, many, many tornadoes that touched down in the DFW area yesterday, so it looked like dusk all day long. Since I was already behind schedule, and I didn't feel like changing the lighting for his photos, I just decided to take them today. So here they are!

Our sweet boy loves eating solids. Apples and sweet potatoes are his personal favorites, and he eats A LOT. Still no teeth, but I'm not surprised since I didn't get any teeth until I was nearly one. He's sweeter than ever and becomes more fun with each day. Love this little boy.