Tuesday, January 26, 2010

death of ducky

That green piece of fabric next to her was once a toy duck, and now his innards are spread amongst our backyard.

Monday, January 25, 2010

living room

I just realized that I've never posted any photos of our house since we moved in this past July. A lot has changed since then, but I am constantly rearranging things, so it won't look like this in a month.
This is what the living room looked like at our inspection. My dad refinished the wood floors on move in day. Did I ever mention that we had NO A/C for TWO WEEKS when we first moved in?! We live in Texas... I posted about the temperature here... not realizing that 2 weeks later we would be moving, and painting, and living in it.
So this is what it looks like today. The TV unit, floor lamp, curtains, and coffee table are all from Ikea. The plaid couch is actually my sister's. We are just holding it until they have enough room for it again. I think it's pretty rad!

 Thrift store chair... $30! It rocks and swivels. Score.

My milk glass collections. All thrift store finds.

And of course, I couldn't leave out Oskar, who is an almost permanent fixture in the living room. Juniper was outside, de-stuffing a toy duck and eating some sticks. That's my girl!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


i'm back.

i work part time at the dallas world trade center, mostly during markets. that's where i have been for the last week and a half.

but... i'm starting a new commissioned piece today, and am going to buy supplies for some new wreaths. so stay tuned!

and enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

exterior inspiration

2010 | Year of the Exterior

I cannot wait to paint, paint, paint. The current color of our brick is awful. It looks like pink camouflage. Seriously.

I’ve already started on the pavers in the backyard. The pavers that we are using are 18x18 inches... smaller than in the photo, but also cheaper and easier to handle. The fantastic thing about having a paver patio is that I can purchase and work on it little by little. First of all, the pavers are SO stinkin’ heavy [54 lbs each], I physically have to lay them in small batches. I get a SERIOUS work out every time I go to Home Depot. I used my chop saw to cut a whole lot of spacers to make sure that each paver stays aligned…. Oskar and June have literally destroyed all but 3 of them. That’s what I get for laying these things the day before the "arctic blast" hit. I couldn’t bring myself to stand in the frigidness to train them not to mess with my spacers! Looks like my next trip to the HD will involve buying more wood to cut more spacers.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

june bug.

i took june to the vet today for her third and last booster shot.

when the vet-tech brought her out after her exam, she handed me her heartworm medicine for this month. she told me that june is now on the 26-50 pound medicine, seeing as she has grown 15 pounds since we got her at the end of november [from 15 pounds to 30 in 6 weeks].

she then said, "you need to keep bringing her in so that she can be weighed, because when she gets over 50 pounds, she needs to be on different medicine."

i asked, "do you think she will be over 50 pounds?"

she gave me this are-you-kidding-me? look, and bluntly said, "oh yeah."


my niece, ellie, turned 7 on december 26th, and i wanted to give her an extra special birthday gift.

her favorite color is green, so i decided to knit her this scarf, and i tried my hand at embroidery to add the "e".

she loved it... had it on the next time i saw her.